A 100 years old tradition      

Pavimenti Fogazza has always been dedicated in researching aesthetically refined and technologically advanced solutions, in fact their Project department, appropriately set up within the company site, is constantly looking for new solutions for designs and chromatic effects. With the same commitment, their Technical department chooses the raw materials and continuously keeps itself abreast of technical development on new production systems, so as to guarantee a product of good quality materials and extraordinary beauty.
The company, established in 1905, is today leader in the field and has the experience of this business which has been handed down, from generation to generation, for over a 100 years; this has allowed it to keep the tradition alive and to combine the technical innovations which have brought the evolution of the product to meet the current needs for comfort.

The company has put the single layer tiles called “Millennium”on the market, produced with modern machines which are able to operate in large industrial quantities. The “Millennium” tiles are characterized by a single final layer, unlike the traditional double layer tiles; and with the increase of the compression ratio during production, the resistance of the tiles has improved, obtaining a more solid and less absorbing product, moreover the elimination of the underlying strata has noticeably reduced the weight and thickness. The evolution of the product has therefore brought a result of high performance allowing for easier installation. Another advantage is that you can polish the single layer tiles “Millennium” many times, over the years. The use of the material used for the tiles has also been extended to Kitchen and bathroom ware, obtaining great results in the different usage.

Fogazza's tiles and handmade kitchen and bathroom ware find a vast use inside public and private interiors, they can be used indoor as well as outdoor, and are able to satisfy the need of their customers. The tiles with antique and glossed effects are supplied in reamed series and are treated (protective water-proof and dirt-resistant) and chamfered.
The colours illustrated in this catalogue are intended to be indicative. The mixtures and blends are in fact created with appropriate high precision equipments which guarantee the best possible chromatic consistency, compatibly with the used product, which as previously said, is a natural product and therefore variable. We advice the use of special bonding agents, easily found on the market, for laying the tiles. For best results, we suggest that after laying the tiles, you clean the surface with neutral soap and water, avoid acids and similar substances.

Handmade ware and Accessories
The company has also extended the production by creating numerous handmade ware and accessories which best combine with the need for comfortable and modern furniture, paying attention to both tradition and the new contemporary needs. The simplicity of the fittings, the vast variety of shapes and colours and the possibility of personal creations allow their use in large scales and satisfy the request of demanding customers. The mixtures used (cement, waterproofer, fibres, marble grit and dust) allow us to obtain a product of particular beauty and quality. The vast variety of products illustrated in the catalogue can be supplied in various colours and it is also possible to create personal designs, on customers request. All kitchen and bathroom ware are treated with waterproof and dirt-resistant products.

Tiles can be supplied in three different finishing touches


After laying tiles, we recommend you polish
the surface in the traditional way.


The surface, slightly coarse and anti-slip,
brings up the inert state of the marble.
No treatment necessary after installation.


Polished surface.
No treatment necessary after installation.

The Founder Isidoro Fogazza
The oncle Giovanni Fogazza
December 1955 Isidoro e Salvatore Fogazza